one stop business management and analytics platform for managing end-to-end business operations and getting 360-degree insights.


Lead Management

Provides a simplified process to acquire and manage leads. Enable reps to track leads until they are converted to business opportunities.

Costing Management

Enables sales and back-end teams to manage the internal costing and speeds the process of preparing the proposals.

Quotation Management

Easy to create, send and maintain price proposals. Helps to organise and control the version of all the proposals for future reference.


Order Management

Capture, process and acknowledge sales orders from multiple channels. Allows to track the fulfillment agains each orders.

Production Management

Provides comprehensive features for managing production orders, tracking flow of the production process until order is delivered.

Project Management

Projects can be easily managed by defining the tasks, resources and timelines. Enables to monitor projects based performances.

Billing Management

Simplified invoicing and billing process. Configurable alerts reduces manual effort to track invoice through receipts.

Receivable Management

Robust receivable process ensures customers pay the invoices and reduces the total balance outstanding.



Create RFQ events with just few clicks, reduce manual work and eliminate processing errors to select right vendor and competitive pricing.


Provides collaborative portal for purchasers to find the right goods and services. Automates the approval process.

Inventory Management

Provides a structured system that automates the GRN and stock management process. Reduce unnecessary stocks.

Invoice Management

Automates manual work, eliminate paper, with efficient, accurate and timely invoice management system software.

Accounts Payables

Helps you to release the strategic value of accounts payable. Get early payments discounts and also reduces high operating costs.



Empower your accounting department with a simplified platform where transactions are tracked and ledger entries are validated.


Guide business decisions with improved, simplified access to the financial management and you need.

Expense Management

Combat unexpected financial issues with an efficient solution that plugs the expenses drain. Reduces the leakages.


Get real time insights on financial status of your business using most important accounting reports.