Product Development

We work with creation of a new product which has some utility; or up-gradation of the existing product; or enhancement of the production process, method or system.In simple words, it is all about bringing a change in the present goods or services or the mode of production.
With new/different characteristics offers a new or additional benefits to the customer that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.
It is essential for the growth of all; the business, the consumers and the economy. No business can survive the competition without adding the element of innovation to its product line.

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IT Project Services

A well planned and executed project that adheres to a proven project management methodology produces consistent results, reduces costs, improves process efficiencies, and delivers customer satisfaction.
Our IT project services teams ensure an understanding of your mission, business processes, and industry to drive efficiency and help your business succeed.
We look at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our clients' business. Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources,
Investments and assets. Our team of experienced project management professionals structure projects by applying standard project management practices. In particular, we deliver projects on time and on budget,
Evaluate program and/or project management office controls to align projects with the overall corporate goal, and perform project risk assessment, including analysis of project and system failures, to optimize IT investments.

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Corporate/Online/Classroom Trainings

TechnoReach is one of the world’s leading training providers.We provide trainings regularly and also on demand basis across the globe.
We can address companies/individuals unique needs, provide training, certifications and coaching that helps working professionals to achieve their career goals.
Our training courses are designed and updated by renowned industry experts.
Based in Texas,USA and Hyderabad,India we have helped over one million professionals and companies across 30+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees.

Detailed information for some of our courses(can be found upon clicking on 'know more' button) is given in our courses page.But we can provide training on all demanding skills in the current trending market.

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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
Search Engine Marketing(SEM).
YouTube Video Marketing.
Content Marketing.
Social Media Marketing(SMM).
Email Marketing.
Bulk whatsapp Services.
Bulk SMS Services.

Technology Staffing Services

In a time when technology job demand far outweighs candidate supply for many critical IT positions, working with a highly capable IT staffing company has its advantages.

TechnoReach has been successfully providing technology staffing, since our inception.

We've developed deep relationships with consultants, many of whom we’ve placed multiple times over the years. Our network of qualified IT talent is both deep and vast.

The tenure of our recruiting team is also impressive, many of them with considerable years of experience. That’s a real rarity in the technology staffing business and it’s an important differentiator. That tenure translates to efficiency and effectiveness, which from your perspective means quickly sourcing high quality candidates.

We are all about you and your success. It’s our job to find the IT talent that meets your needs, and we pride ourselves at exceeding our client's highest expectations.

We place equal emphasis on servicing our clients and our technical consultants well. On the client side, we make it our business to know your organization and your IT challenges. On the consultant side, we have a devoted Consultant Advocate team ready to handle their every need and concern.

Corp-to-Corp / Contract-to-Hire Recruiting

We considers it the ultimate compliment in our ability to find the right IT consultants for our clients when our consultants are offered and accept permanent positions at the end of a contract assignment. We work to introduce the right technical specialist to each of our clients, projects and when the client creates a permanent position in their organization for an TechnoReach consultant, we have done our job well. To enable our clients to offer our consultants employment beyond the contract, we work with each client to determine the best arrangement for all parties with our IT recruiting process quality management.

Companies that prefer contract-to-hire recruiting want to ensure the candidate is a great fit for their company and their culture. The candidate may also want to try out the company to be certain it is a good opportunity for them. Companies that need to get a longer-term project off the ground from a budget or project scope perspective may choose to begin with a contract-to-hire option, postponing adding a critical person to the company’s personnel until the project is underway. Contract-to-hire recruiting offers a mutually beneficial flexible staffing solution for both the hiring manager and the candidate.