ERP Solution

Getting more Customers
Having process and tools in place to manage sales pipeline and forecast pushes sales team to be more effective, efficient and ensure that lead clients turn into business opportunities.

Maximising Revenue
Streamlining order fulfilment, billing and payment receipt process enable to increase the bottom line. Revenue projections will help to make strategic decisions to maximise profits.

Minimising Spend
Understanding spending patterns helps to make critical decision on cost control. Spend forecast will assist to closely monitor and fix problems before they become major issues.

Sustaining the Business
Bringing efficiency in working capital and cashflow management leads to higher return on the capital, improved credit profile, increased business value and decreased financial risks.

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Alkaline Water Ioniser

In the 1950's Scientific research was conducted and discovered that all of the "MIRACLE HEALING WATER"
had one thing in common and that is Active Hydrogen or better known as Ionised Alkaline Water.
Kanger Water is endorsed for medical usage by Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Kangen Water System produce 5 types of water
1)Strong Alkaline Water(pH 11.5).
2)Drinking Water(pH 8.5,9.0,9.5).
3)Clean Water(pH 7.0).
4)Beauty Water(pH 6.0).
5)Strong Acidic Water(pH 2.5).

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Facial Recognition for Employees

Facial recognition technology solutions are rapidly gaining popularity for providing a much more effective and reliable process of tracking visitors and developing a security check. The automatic system of capturing facial identification offers an additional layer of protection to the entire office premises security system.

It is an application of software that analyzes your unique facial structure to verify your identity.It allows you to take security up a notch in enterprises and offices, providing access and time tracking effectively and without inconvenience for employees.

It helps in
--Visitor Identification
--Employee Attendance
--Fraud Prevention

How it works
Face Detection --> Face Analysis --> Data Conversion --> Finding A Match

Traditionally, the attendance of Employee has been a major concern for the companies and the employers has to spend a lot of time and is a tedious job to mark attendance manually. Current bio-metric attendance system is not automatic that’s why wastes a lot of time.Here comes the “Automatic attendance system” will play a major role to solve this problem.

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