Google Cloud Platform ( GCP) Admin Training Content

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube.  Google Cloud Platform provides infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and server less environments.
GCP Training Content
The course includes presentations, demonstrations.
Module 1: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
i.	Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure
ii.	Using GCP
iii.	Lab: Console and Cloud Shell
iv.	Demo: Projects
v.	Lab: Infrastructure Preview
Module 2: Virtual Machines
i.	Compute Engine
ii.	Lab: Creating Virtual Machines
iii.	Compute options (vCPU and Memory)
iv.	Images
v.	Common Compute Engine actions
vi.	Lab: Working with Virtual Machines
Module 3: Autoscaling
i.	Autoscaling, Policies, Configuration
Module 4: Load Balancing
i.	Managed Instance Groups
ii.	HTTPS load balancing
iii.	Cross-region and content-based load balancing
iv.	SSL proxy/TCP proxy load balancing
v.	Network load balancing
Module 5: Virtual Networks
i.	Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),
ii.	Projects, Networks
iii.	Subnetworks
iv.	IP addresses
v.	Routes
vi.	Firewall rules
vii.	Subnetworks for resource management instead of physical network topology
Module 6: Interconnecting Networks
i.	Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN)
ii.	Cloud Router, Cloud Interconnect, External Peering, Cloud DNS
Module 7: Cloud IAM
i.	Organizations
ii.	Roles
iii.	Members
iv.	Service Accounts
v.	Cloud IAM best practices
Module 8: Data Storage Services
i.	Cloud Storage
ii.	Cloud SQL
iii.	Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore
iv.	Cloud Bigtable
Module 9: Resource Management
i.	Cloud Resource Manager
ii.	Quotas
iii.	Labels
iv.	Names
v.	Billing
vi.	Demo: Billing Administration
Module 10: Resource Monitoring
i.	Stackdriver
ii.	Monitoring
iii.	Logging
iv.	Error Reporting
v.	Tracing, Debugging
Module 11: Infrastructure Automation with Google Cloud Platform APIs
i.	Infrastructure automation
ii.	Images
iii.	Metadata
iv.	Scripts
v.	Google Cloud API
Module 12: Infrastructure Automation with Deployment Manager
i.	Deployment Manager
ii.	Configuration
iii.	Cloud Launcher

Key Features

30 Hours of Learning

online | Classroom | Corporate

Job Placement Assistance

Based on performance of candidate in training batch, will be placed in our company projects.

2+ Practical Hands-On Projects

After course completion sample projects will be shared by trainers.

Flexible Schedules

Weekdays, Weekend, Classroom batches only in hyderabad location are available.


Job support will be provided until student will work independently. Can be added in technical what sapp groups.

Modes of Training

  • Links / Blog link will be shared
  • Real time scenarios/ use cases will be covered in training
  • Daily assignment will be given
  • Daily session recording videos access will be given for 90 days
  • Experienced corporate faculty is available
  • Interview questions, material will be provided in training