Facial Recognition


Touchless Attendance System- It is based on Facial Recognition and uses Artificial Intelligence technology to capture and recognize the face of an employee


Face Recognition

attendance machine is perfectly designed to fill the void that got created after the ban of the biometric attendance system from the workplace, this system uses AI- based computer vision for face detection and it syncs all the information regarding user to the cloud server on real time

  • Accuracy: 99% accuracy in face recognition is the unique feature of this technology
  • Log in- Log out: Able to recognize the Log in & Log out time of the employees
  • Multi face detection: This feature is built in such a way to prevent chaos in front of the entry points which can capture multiple faces at a time
  • Status: Everyday Status of the employee can be recorded in the system
  • Detection of Duplication: Duplicate face detection is not acceptable here that provides the company employees daily attendance report accurately
  • Temperature Detection: Our product instantly detects the body temperature of employees using AI- based infrared sensor cameras without the need for contact.

Ensure your safety by replacing your thumb-based biometric attendance with a safe touchless entry for your employees during this pandemic situation.


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