Embedded Systems Training Content

Embedded Systems Online Training Course Contents
Total Duration: 26 hours 
Introduction: Embedded System Basic concepts and definitions 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	 What is an Embedded System? Definition, examples 
2.	Embedded Systems classification 
3.	OS less and OS based Embedded Systems 
4.	Real time and Non Real Time Embedded Systems 
5.	Embedded system development tools and technologies 
6.	Embedded System applications 

Microcontroller/Microprocessor Architecture 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	Fundamentals of microcontroller/Microprocessor Architecture 
2.	CISC vs. RISC Architecture 
3.	Van Neumann vs Harward Architecture 
4.	ASIC,SOC and FPGA devices 
5.	Peripheral Integration in a processor 

ARM processor architecture 
Duration: 2 hrs 
1.	ARM Processor Architecture 
2.	ARM Instruction execution cycles 
3.	Advantages of ARM processor in Embedded system development 
4.	ARM and Thumb instructions 
5.	ARM core based processors 
6.	ARM programming 

Embedded System development â?? Hardware Overview 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	Embedded systems hardware overview 
2.	Open Source Embedded hardware 
3.	Embedded board design basics 
4.	Embedded processor selection criteria 
5.	SOM selection for quick product prototyping 
6.	Embedded boards and interfaces (Processor, DDR, PMIC, Flash (NAND/NOR), Ethernet MAC, USB, Rs232, RS485/422, GPIO, i2c, CAN ) etc 

Embedded System development â?? Software Overview 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	Embedded System Software development tools and Technologies 
2.	Why C language is used in embedded systems development 
3.	Mixed C and Assembly code development 
4.	Cross compilation and binary creation 
5.	Binary flashing and debugging tools â?¢ Development Tool chain Setup 
6.	Embedded board Setup 
7.	Connecting JTAG, Serial cable for debugging 

Embedded System Software development â?? Setup 
Duration: 1 hrs 
Board bring up and boot loader 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	New board bring up 
2.	Boot loader development, customization and porting 
3.	BIOS vs Rom Boot Loader 
4.	Boot device configuration and selection 
5.	Peripheral booting 

Bare metal Programming a microcontroller / microprocessor 
Duration: 2 hrs 
1.	Basics of Bare metal programming 
2.	Boot loader for bare metal embedded systems 
3.	OS-Less Device driver development 
4.	Interrupt handlers 
5.	DMA programming 
6.	Using JTAG for debugging 
7.	Application development, debugging, flashing 
8.	Embedded Web Servers 

C programming for Embedded Systems development 
Duration: 4 hrs 
1.	C programming basics 
2.	Assembly programming vs. C 
3.	Data Type, storage Classes in C 
4.	Loops (if, if else, for, while, do while, switch etc) 
5.	Bitwise Operations (AND, OR, XOR, NOT ) 
6.	Arrays, functions, pointers, unions, structures 
7.	File Operations in C 

Microprocessor Peripherals and Protocols 
Duration: 4 hrs 
1.	Integrated peripherals 
2.	Fundamentals of RS232, RS485, CAN, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, USB, SD card, Flash, DDR and Power management 

Operating Systems for embedded Systems (RTOS concepts) 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	RTOS concepts 
2.	Different types of commercial RTOS 
3.	Real Time Embedded system development 

Linux for Embedded system 
Duration: 2 hrs 
1.	Linux concepts, kernel, scheduler, process management, memory management, file management, Linux IPC, device drivers, application development 
2.	Board bring up using Linux 
3.	Embedded systems application development and debugging 

Security in Embedded systems development 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	Embedded System Security fundamentals 
2.	Secure boot and Secure firmware upgrade 
3.	Secure Network communication 

Networking concepts and Socket programming 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	TCP/IP layers 
2.	TCP vs. UDP protocols 
3.	Socket programming 
4.	Unicast vs. multicast 
5.	Network communication debugging 

Shell scripts 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	Scripting language basics 
2.	Bash shell scripts development and applications 

Current trends in embedded system development and Career opportunities 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	Current Market trends in Embedded system development 
2.	IOT boom 
3.	Industry requirements of a embedded system developer 

Question and Answer 
Duration: 1 hrs 
1.	 Wrap up 

Key Features

26 Hours of Learning

online | Classroom | Corporate

Job Placement Assistance

Based on performance of candidate in training batch, will be placed in our company projects.

2+ Practical Hands-On Projects

After course completion sample projects will be shared by trainers.

Flexible Schedules

Weekdays, Weekend, Classroom batches only in hyderabad location are available.


Job support will be provided until student will work independently. Can be added in technical what sapp groups.

Modes of Training

  • Links / Blog link will be shared
  • Real time scenarios/ use cases will be covered in training
  • Daily assignment will be given
  • Daily session recording videos access will be given for 90 days
  • Experienced corporate faculty is available
  • Interview questions, material will be provided in training