Azure Administration Training Content

Building Blocks
a.	Introduction to Virtual Machines
b.	Compute tiers
c.	pricing
d.	Different ways to deploy virtual machines
e.	Configuring and managing azure virtual machines
f.	Advanced concepts on Azure virtual machines
g.	Different types VM images
h.	Custom images
i.	VM disks
j.	Availability sets
k.	Availability Zones
l.	Azure Scale sets
m.	Assigning static Ips
a.	Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks
b.	Creating and Managing Azure virtual networks
c.	Understanding Network ACLs and Network Security groups
d.	Understanding Azure DIP, VIP and PIP
e.	Azure VNET to VNET
f.	Azure Point to Site
g.	Azure Site to Site
h.	Azure ExpressRoute
a.	Introduction Azure Storage
b.	Understanding Different Azure Storage replication techniques
c.	LRS (Locally Redundant Storage)
d.	ZRS (Zone Redundant Storage)
e.	GRS (Geo Redundant Storage)
f.	RA-GRS (Read Only รข?? Geo Redundant Storage)
g.	Different types of Azure Storage options
h.	Azure File Storage
i.	Azure Blob Storage
j.	Azure Queue Storage
k.	Azure Table Storage
l.	Advanced Concepts on Azure Storage
m.	Storage Access Keys
n.	Storage Access Signatures
o.	Use cases for Azure File, Table, Queue and Blob storage
p.	Different types of Blobs
q.	Understanding Azure Managed Storage
Identity and Access management
Azure Active Directory
a.	Active Directory Fundaments
b.	Understanding Azure Active Directory
c.	OAuth
d.	Multifactor Authentication
e.	Understanding Differences Between Traditional AD and Azure AD
f.	Understanding Azure AD integration
g.	Azure AD data Sync
h.	Role based Access Control

Key Features

35 Hours of Learning

online | Classroom | Corporate

Job Placement Assistance

Based on performance of candidate in training batch, will be placed in our company projects.

2+ Practical Hands-On Projects

After course completion sample projects will be shared by trainers.

Flexible Schedules

Weekdays, Weekend, Classroom batches only in hyderabad location are available.


Job support will be provided until student will work independently. Can be added in technical what sapp groups.

Modes of Training

  • Links / Blog link will be shared
  • Real time scenarios/ use cases will be covered in training
  • Daily assignment will be given
  • Daily session recording videos access will be given for 90 days
  • Experienced corporate faculty is available
  • Interview questions, material will be provided in training