AWS Solutions Architect Training Content


Regions and Availability zones
Instance types 
Instance family
Instance creation
Assign Elastic IP to a instance
Launching one server and attach additional volume to that and taking AMI launching server using AMI which creating manually verified data
Coping AMI to different region
EBS Volumes Types and Use case
Snapshots creation use case 
Creating snapshot and copying to different region
Lifecycle Manager
Security Groups
Placement Groups
Key pairs

Load Balancers
With demo for Classic load balancer, application load balancer and network load balancer
Sticky session
Health check
Target group
Path based routing and redirect condition

What is Lambda Function?
How to use lambda function
Use case of lambda function
Lambda function creation
Lambda triggers and demo
Lambda with API Gateway

Use Cases
How to create trail for all region
How to search based on event
How to search based on date
How to search based on user

How to create environment using CloudFormation
What is cloud formation stake?
Demo using sample CloudFormation task creation of VPC subnets and launching EC2 instance using it

What is CloudFront?
Use cases of CDN
Creating CDN CloudFront

What is EFS?
Use cases of EFS
Creation of EFS
Launching 2 EC2 Linux servers and mounting EFS volume in it

About ElasticBeanstalk
Creating ElasticBeanstalk
Launching PHP based Application server and deploying php code
Available metrics and High availability options 
Explanation about backend operation in Elastic Beanstalk

What is S3 and use cases?
S3 Storage classes
Use cases of storage classes
S3 bucket lifecycle policy
S3 bucket policy use cases
Static website hosting using S3 (task given to them)
Cross region replication
Transfer acceleration 
S3 bucket metrics

User creation
Group creation
What is policy and types of policy available in AWS
Custom policy creation
Attaching policy to user and group
Use cases of AWS managed policies
Encryption keys
Creating custom policy and attaching to user and given demo
How to access AWS using AWS cli using Access key Id and Secret key
What is roles and use case of roles?
Creating EC2 Role with some set of policy and attaching to EC2 server and access AWS resources
Password Policy
About Federation Service

What is the user case of SES?
Creating SES for Domain
About Sandbox and production mode
Limitations about both Sandbox and production mode
How to download SMTP credentials
Discussing about Reputation Dashboard

Cloud watch
Dashboard Creation
Billing Alarm creation
Cloudwatch events with SNS, lambda integration
Creating alarm for cloudwatch metrics

Trusted advisor
Use cases of Trusted Advisor
Cost Optimization example
Security example
Fault tolerance example

Use case of launch wizard
Creating one vpc with one public and one private subnet
Creating Custom VPC
Creating 2 public and 2 private subnets
Creating one additional route table
Creating one internet gateway
Creating one NAT gateway
Edited public and private route table and made IGW NGW entry
Launching two servers in public and private subnet
Verifying internet connection in private subnet instance
VPC Peering between two VPC
Launching two servers in two VPC and accessing over private IP
VPC Concept
Customer Gateway
Virtual private gateway
VPN connection establishment

Different types of Database engines
Use case of Arura
Launching one RDS
Enabling Multi AZ and concepts
Creating Read Replica and shown Demo
Automated Snapshot
Parameter Group
Subnet Group

Use case of DMS
How to migrate on prim DB to EC2 or RDS 
Advantages of RDS
Different types of migration tasks

Creating SSL certificate 
Use case of AWS Certificate manager

Use case of Server migration service
How to migrate VM's on prim to AWS

Use case of SNOW BALL

Direct Connect
How to creates Direct connect connection
Use case

Storage Gateway
File gateway
Volume gateway
Tape gateway
Use cases

Cloud front Demo
Use cases of CloudFront
Demo in Cloud front
Metrics available in Cloud front

Route 53
Concept of DNS
DNS record sets
Hosted zones
Routing Policies
Creating server and mapped with DNS A record
Creating load balancer and mapped with DNS Alias record
Demo on Weighted routing policy
Concept of Latency & Geolocation & Multivalued routing policy
Health check creation of resource and how to apply in records
Traffic policy
Domain registration

Use case and how to create

Use case

Auto Scaling
Configuring auto scaling environment 
Given CPU spike to the server and shown demo of auto scaling

ElasticCache, DynamoDB, WAF & Shield
Use cases of all services 
Example for dynamo dB, WAF

Real-time Environment Interrogation
How to Create High Scalable, High Secure, and High Available and cost effective infrastructure.

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