Manual and Automation Testing


Both Manual and Automation Testing are equally important as manual testing helps in handling complex test cases whereas automation testing handles repetitive tests but for this manual testing serves as a base as it makes the user understand software test cycle in an easy way. Adding Automated way of testing makes your manual testing much more efficient.

Testing helps the user to check, verify and validate the requirements of their companies products. We are committed to provide quality products to the customers by checking the product functionality before it is released into the market.

  • Manual Testing is utilised to perform exploratory testing, usability testing, and Ad-hoc testing which gives best results wherein Automation Testing performs performance Testing and repeated execution.
  • We use manual testing when the testing is necessary only for once or twice as per the necessity and automation testing while the testing should be done for long run.
  • Automation Testing is more reliable while manual testing may have some errors.
  • Close to real user feedback
  • Our Experts are assigned to do high value work resulting in higher efficiency thus providing the best services to our clients

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